Bullet Journal tips pt. 7 - Collections: a different approach

Written by Vincent Bruijn

I love the concept of Collections, I use them a lot. Basically anything that could be grouped around a specific theme, project, verb, etc. ends up in a Collection. But there’s one thing I don’t like about them and that is that they’re mixed in your daily logs.

I want to keep an overview… my index becomes too messy when I have many page number entries for say April, because each April-page is followed by some Collection. I considered this a weak part of the Bullet Journal method.

The solution I came up with in my second BuJo was to start Collections at page 200 of my Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal. Since the notebook comes with three ribbons, you can reserve the right most one for Collections.

But… it still wasn’t satisfying. Not having a proper solution yet, I also adopted this in my 3rd journal. The problem is this: if you reach page 200 with your Daily and Monthly logs, you might still have empty pages after your last collections, for example from page 230 onward. I want to use my notebook to the full so this will lead to a lack of overview. Not nice…

Recently I came up with a solution that I’ll be using in my fourth Bullet Journal: just start Collections from the last page of the notebook and work from right to left. Your journal is full at the location where your Daily and Monthly Logs meet the Collections: problem solved!!

This was the last one in my series of Bujo tips and tricks! I hope it inspired bujo users. Maybe more to come in the future!